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Click to order the ebook! (Book cover for Ordination Standards: Biblical, Theological, and Scientific Perspectives by North Como Church)You'll be astonished at the wide range of biblical scholarship and scientific research that has been known for years in seminaries and universities but has been unavailable to the lay reader. Until now.

Ordination Standards: Biblical, Theological, and Scientific Perspectives by North Como Presbyterian Church presents the broad range of Biblical, theological, and scientific source material that churches are seeking for their study of these critical issues:

  • What does the Bible say about sexual orientation and behavior? Look at a variety of interpretations.

  • Is homosexuality natural? Consider opposing points of view.

  • What causes sexual orientation? Read about biological and sociological/psychological studies.

  • Can homosexuals be converted to heterosexuality? Review the studies and weigh the evidence for yourself.

Most books that address issues of sexuality and ordination have either a liberal or a conservative view point. The authors have attempted to present information from numerous viewpoints as objectively as possible. Join us in studying primary sources and considering a broad variety of viewpoints.

Do the hard work,

Ask the tough questions,

Consider the evidence,

Come to your own informed decisions.

Enthusiasm about Ordination Standards

Reviewers are enthusiastic about what we've achieved:

"You have produced a massive reference work. The research behind it is stunning. You have maintained a calm and open tone throughout and been careful to show various possibilities of interpretation." Rev. Jack B. Rogers, PhD, Professor of Theology Emeritus, San Francisco Theological Seminary, Moderator, 213th General Assembly, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

"A strongly recommended book. An incredible resource .. Unlike almost all other books which take either a liberal or conservative approach, this book attempts to explain all viewpoints objectively. An amazing accomplishment."

"This is a thorough discussion guide. In fact, given its length it is a discussion all by itself. In that sense it would be suitable for solitary reading, and in the process you can learn an awful lot! But it does invite - even requires - live discussion, since various perspectives are explored without reaching final resolution. As we know, there will always be new resources coming out. But that does not mean that this guide will become out-of-date, for it envisages exactly that kind of open-ended discussion."
Gene TeSelle, Presbyterian Voices for Justice

Available as an ebook (PDF) for $6

Ordination Standards: Biblical, Theological, and Scientific Perspectives is now available as an ebook for only $6.00. Download yours today!













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